Santiago Achával & Roberto Cipresso


Matervini is the new wine adventure of Santiago Achával and Roberto Cipresso.

It was born in 2008, in an attempt to answer the question “what’s next after Malbec?” Our answer was, “More Malbec! From different places, with different personalities.” This venture shows how very different wines from completely different terroirs can be born from the same grape variety. Matervini travels the long path that goes from traditional to unexplored areas, from young to old geologies and from alluvial to non-alluvial soil structures - like those of the Pre-cordillera. All along this road, wines with unique personalities emerge as different expressions of nature.

A trip to the
fascinating world of wine

Where do the grapes for the Matervini wines come from?

Tinto, Chacayes, high altitude area of the Uco Valley, Mendoza.
AntesAndes Valle de Canota, Pre-cordillera, at the foot of Villavicencio, Las Heras, Mendoza.
AntesAndes Valles Calchaquíes, Pre-cordillera, beetween Cafayate and Molinos, Salta.
Alteza, Pre-cordillera, Yacochuya, Valle de Cafayate, Salta.
Piedras Viejas, Pre-cordillera, at 1.600 meters above sea level, El Challao, Las Heras.
Finca, Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza.

Matervini unites two worlds.

Sustainability as a philosophy

Traditional viticulture and modern sustainability in the vineyard and in the winery, come together in Matervini. In our winery all our electricity and heat needs are generated by solar panels.

We also designed passive mechanisms to regulate temperature and decrease the total energy budget. We compost all our organic waste and return it to the vineyards. Matervini is a pioneer in using one hundred percent renewable energy sources.

Matervini Wine Club

To become a member, register at the winery or via e-mail to:

Matervini offers a Wine Club, which allows the members to enjoy exclusive access to limited production wines made by Santiago Achával and Roberto Cipresso. Also certain levels of the Club offer free shipping to the US.

- Access to all Matervini products
- Priority to purchase our limited production wines
- Free Shipping to USA

Where to buy

Our wines can be purchased only directly from the winery.

Free Shipping to USA.

Worldwide shipping.

Experience Matervini

With Matervini, a new wine tour is born, a contrast of flavors and aromas.

It takes your imagination through millions of years of geology and soil development, and through hundreds of miles of magical valleys of the Pre-cordillera.


Located in the classical grape producing area of Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, only 20 minutes by car from downtown Mendoza City.

Surrounded by vineyards and mountains, the innovative winery has colorful walls with murals of the different viticulture moments. Matervini is the first winery in Argentina to generate one hundred per cent of its energy requirements by solar panels.

The building, surrounded by beautiful vineyards, looks west, with the snowcapped Andes Mountains as a dramatic background.


Visits to Matervini, like our wines, start in the vineyards. Throughout the vine rows, emerges one of Malbec's expressions that Matervini wants to show: their Finca Wine.

Then visitors go to the winery, where they can appreciate the building's architectural features such as modern design with big glass windows that allow a great view from the inside. Guests are given a brief tour of the production area and the barrel room.

To finalize the visit, there is a guided tasting of the most exclusive Matervini wines. It takes place in the guest room, where the high terraces allow visitors to sip a glass of wine at the same time as they enjoy the picture-like scenery of Mendoza.

Mater House

Be part of the spirit of the Winery from the inside. Enjoy Matervini while staying at our exclusive Guest House.

There are three rooms – one matrimonial suite and two rooms with three beds in each one, so you can live an unforgettable experience with your family or friends.

With fabulous views of the vineyards and the Andes Mountains, Mater House gives you a place to rest and relax and the opportunity to enjoy the enchantment of the countryside accompanied with good conversation and a glass of wine.

Our house echoes the sustainable philosophy of the winery with all the electricity generated by solar panels.

Mater House is an opportunity to immortalize unique moments in the exquisite surroundings of wine and mountains.

Contact Us

Calle Cobos 2142, Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo,

GPS 33° 03´ 29.97” S 68° 54´21.42” W.

Visiting times: From Mondays to Saturdays, from 09:30 am to 3:30 pm.

The guided tour lasts an hour and a half and is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. It is necessary to book in advance. Private tours can be done by request, in groups of up to eight people.

Franco Dionisi -
+54 9 261 5616 691

Gustavo Biondo -
+54 9 261 6168 279

Gerardo Tisera -
+54 9 261 2182 666